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43.66.Cb Sonoridad, umbral absoluto

Id Título
Influences of color on the loudness judgement. (67 KB)
Christine Patsouras; Thomas G. Filippou; Hugo Fastl.
AG Technische Akustik. MM Munchen. Munich, Germany.
Forum Acusticum. Sevilla. Septiembre, 2002.
Influence of sound-directed attentional focus on overall loudness ratings. (63 KB)
Patrick Susini; Stephen Mcadams
IRCAM-CNRS. Paris, France.
Forum Acusticum. Sevilla. Septiembre, 2002.
The relationship between arithmetic average of sound pressure levels in 1 or 1/3 octave bands and zwicker's loudness. (315 KB)
Ishibashi Mutsumi; Satoh Fumiaki; Tachibana Hideki.
Institute of Industrial Science. University of Tokyo. Tokyo, Japan.
Forum Acusticum. Sevilla. Septiembre, 2002.



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